At night, the old town is dark except for a few lights reflected in the rain. Streets disappear into a perspective of dripping wires and gangi-dori. The old town, with its scent of red pine, is like an abandoned piece of antique furniture with quiet sliding drawers and grainy gold lustre, full of rainy temples, and dignified folded people slipping into shadows behind mysterious doors. But it is a magic box and I can’t get in.

Extract from The Murmuration. Read more in An Open Door; New Travel Writing for a Precarious Century, Edited by Steven Lovatt, published by Parthian, May 2022

“‘The Murmuration’ by Julie Brominicks, on the other hand, is an episodic account of a ‘Brit on a scholarship’ to Japan that deals expertly with questions of identity and belonging.” From review by Josh Weeks for Wales Arts Review